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About Us


Cyberock's mission is to become the solid rock upon which organizations build resilient software applications. 

At Cyberock we believe as strong as rocks that, in general, the hardest software vulnerabilities to fix are those resulting from architecture or design decisions. The fact that developers may not be able to apply best security practices and adequate defenses against an attack does not relieve them of the responsibility for thinking about planning for, and considering how to minimize the impact of such an occurrence. 

The most prevalent attacks we've observed at the architecture and design level include:

  • Main-in-the-middle attack

  • Race condition attack

  • Replay attack

  • Sniffer attack

  • Session highjacking attack

  • Session killing attack

It's time for changing organizations mindsets. Our goal is to defend your software applications against malicious attacks. 


High level synopsis of the services Cyberock provides

Cyberock takes pride in providing cybersecurity advanced-level skills in risk management, enterprise security operations and architecture, research and collaboration, and integration of enterprise security. Cyberock professionals have demonstrated the ability to conceptualize, engineer, integrate secure solutions across complex enterprise environments to build resilient networks, analyze risk impact, and implement sustainable security solutions.