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IT Mobility Security Services

Mobile devices and IoT security threats are on the rise due to today’s increased connectivity and the growth of consumer IoT.

According to Norton, mobile security breaches are different from attacks that occur on desktops for two reasons:

  • On mobile devices, users don’t really have to log on. And many people still don’t set up screenlocks on their smartphones. Apps, too, are often always on and running, making it easier for would-be cybercriminals to access data on many apps.

  • Unlike desktop users, mobile users cannot easily see the entire URL of a site they are visiting, or a link they’re about to click on. This could make it easier for digital crooks to deploy successful phishing attacks.

Mitigate Mobile Security Risks

Only download applications from Google Play, the Apple App store, and other trusted providers. 

Refrain from connecting to free WiFi hotspots

Avoid clicking on a link in an email or text message

Apply string authentication

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